The UPLB Economics Society, together with the Department of Economics (DE) of the College of Economics and Management, UPLB, brings you ECONVERGENCE, an annual inter-high school scholastic economic convention that aims to promote appreciation of economics through the analysis of relevant social issues in the country.

For the first time in ECONVERGENCE’s history, the event will be held online and attended by 31 participating schools, the biggest number since its first ever installment 16 years ago. ECONVERGENCE 2021 will be held on February 6-7, through Zoom and Discord. It will be centered on the very relevant theme of “Revive and Recover: Assessing Philippine Economic Responses Towards the Pandemic and Prospective Policies to Transcend from the Crisis.”

The different competitions and activities offered by ECONVERGENCE have served as avenues for students to showcase their skills and knowledge in the application of economic concepts. Furthermore, ECONVERGENCE has served as a platform for enhancing the teaching methods of economics through the Economics Teachers’ Convention.

The two-day convention includes seven (7) events namely:  EKONOMIKA Quiz Contest, Intellectual Encounter Debate Competition, Essay-writing  Competition, Traditional Poster-making Competition, Digital Poster-making Competition,  Impromptu Speaking Competition, and Economics Teachers’ Convention (ETC). This year’s installment also features a panel of three established economists that will be speaking at the event forum—Mr. JC Punongbayan, a PhD candidate and co-founder of UsapangEcon, Mr. Carlo Asuncion, Chief Economist of Unionbank of the Philippines, and Mr. Sonny Africa, Executive Director of IBON Foundation. 

For ECONVERGENCE 2021, the UPLB Economics Society is also in partnership with two acclaimed student organizations of the university, namely UP Silakbo and The Parliament: UPLB Debate Society. Several groups and institutions have shown their support for the event and its advocacy as well: Batch Demand, Batch Cartel, and Batch Adam Smith of the UPLB Economics Society, The College Club, Lucky Boy Training, Lucky Boy Toppings, and of course, the UPLB Economics Society’s alumni association. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to all these people who have helped make this much-awaited annual event possible.

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